Why You Should Celebrate Success in Your Business

By November 15, 2019 November 20th, 2019 Business Advice
Why You Should Celebrate Success in Your Business

Running a small business is much more than a full-time job where you go home at 5:30 p.m. every day. In fact, you may be so busy that you have never stopped to appreciate your business successes, whether large or small. As the New Year approaches, it’s time to take stock of the efforts you and your team have made to create a successful company. Here are six ways to help you celebrate success.

  1. Acknowledge Everyone who Deserves it

Achievements should be rewarded fairly; don’t leave any deserving employee out. If some outstanding performances fly under your radar while others are rewarded, this will cause unhappiness and frustration among employees who are being ignored. Rewards should be based on merit, not on favoritism or office politics.

  1. Say Thank You

The importance of clear and genuine appreciation for hard work cannot be underestimated. Take time to pull a deserving employee aside and thank them for their efforts. While a simple ‘thank you’ costs you just a small effort, it’s always appreciated and can make a significant difference to employee morale.

  1. Drinks and Dinner

When it comes to ways to celebrate success, there’s nothing simpler or more effective than treating your staff to drinks and dinner at a really good restaurant. Team members can interact with each other in a relaxed environment and build valuable relationships.

  1. Establish a Tradition

Company celebrations are important and everyone enjoys them. A tradition to celebrate successes could be a grand affair like an end-of-year party or as simple as Friday night drinks. However you go about it, your goal should be to build loyalty and camaraderie among your team members.

  1. Create Personalized Perks

Most businesses offer benefits and perks, but their effectiveness can be hit or miss. Take steps to discover how your employees would like to celebrate success. Tailoring a perk to a team’s or an individual’s preference is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation.

  1. Allow Some Time Off

Permitting your staff to leave a few hours early one day will be much appreciated. Just make sure they understand that this is a reward for all of their recent hard work. Tell them to come back refreshed and ready to dive into the next project.

Let Mathews CPA Help You Celebrate Success

Recognizing success as a team effort will go a long way toward creating a company culture of friendliness, motivation, and satisfaction. Whether you would like assistance with the financial aspects of your business or you need some strategic planning advice, Mathews CPA will dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve successes that you can celebrate.